Join the Kzoo Parks team this Summer

Looking for a fun summer job where you can spend time outside and make a positive impact on your community? From camp counselors to park rangers we have something for everyone. Learn more about our seasonal job openings below and apply today!


Summer Camps


Kzoo Parks summer camp counselors at Kik Pool.


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Summer Camp Art Instructor

$14.00 per hour  |  37.5 – 40 hours per week  |  Mid May - August 9

Are you ready to get creative and make some memories? We are looking for an art instructor for our summer camp, someone who is not afraid to get a little messy and has a sense of humor. Here are some of the responsibilities that come with this exciting position:

  • Teach a variety of art projects over 9 weeks, from finger painting to sculpting, and everything in between. No experience necessary, but a willingness to try new things is a must.
  • Manage a group of children who are jazzed up on sugar and sunshine. Patience and a love of chaos are a plus.
  • Keep track of art supplies and make sure they are not being used for anything other than their intended purpose. We don't want any macaroni glued to the walls or glitter in the hair.
  • Encourage creativity and imagination in your students, even if it means letting them paint with their feet or make a sculpture out of mashed potatoes.
  • Be prepared to answer tough questions, such as "Why can't I draw a unicorn with five legs?" and "What happens if I eat the glue?"
  • Deal with the occasional emotional meltdown when a masterpiece doesn't turn out quite right. A tissue and a pep talk can go a long way.
  • Have a sense of humor and be willing to laugh at yourself when a project doesn't go as planned. Who knew finger paint could end up on the ceiling?

If you are up for the challenge and ready to have a summer full of creativity and fun, then we want you to join our team! Apply now and let's get arty!

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Summer Camp Performing Arts Instructor

$14.00 per hour  |  37.5 – 40 hours per week  |  Mid May - August 9

We are seeking a fun-loving and energetic individual to join our team as a Silly Performing Arts Camp Counselor! As a Silly Counselor, your main responsibility will be to ensure that our campers have a blast while learning about various forms of performing arts.


  • Lead and facilitate 9 weeks of silly warm-up activities to get the campers energized and excited for the day ahead.
  • Teach campers how to use silly props, such as rubber chickens and whoopee cushions, in their performances.
  • Coordinate and lead silly skits and improv games with campers to help them build their confidence and creativity.
  • Help campers create their own silly dance routines and songs to perform.
  • Assist with the supervision of campers during lunch and break times.
  • Ensure the safety and well-being of all campers.


  • A love of silliness and a great sense of humor.
  • Experience in performing arts, such as theater, dance, or improv.
  • Ability to lead and engage a group of campers in silly activities.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work in a team environment.

This is a seasonal position that runs for the duration of our summer camp program. If you love to make people laugh and have a passion for performing arts, we encourage you to apply for this fun and exciting opportunity!

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Summer Camp Sports & Games Instructor

$14.00 per hour  |  37.5 – 40 hours per week  |  Mid May - August 9

Are you ready for the best job ever? As a summer day camp sports and games instructor, your mission is to make sure that our campers have a blast while staying active and healthy! Here are some of the key responsibilities:

  • Lead 9 weeks of exciting games and activities that get our campers moving and grooving.
  • Teach campers the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, and fair play.
  • Bring a positive and energetic attitude to every class - after all, it's summertime and the living is easy!
  • Be prepared to improvise and adapt when things don't go according to plan (and trust us, they never do)
  • Always keep safety a top priority - no one wants to spend their summer in a cast!
  • Finally, be ready to laugh, have fun, and make memories that last a lifetime. So, let's get out there and play! 

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Summer Camp Counselor

$14.00 per hour  |  37.5 – 40 hours per week  |  Mid May - August 9

Looking for a summer job that's guaranteed to be a blast? Look no further! We're hiring for a summer day camp counselor position, and we're looking for someone who's not afraid to get silly and have fun.


  • Assist in group activities and games, like water balloon fights and scavenger hunts.
  • Assist with arts and crafts, like making friendship bracelets and tie-dye shirts.
  • Assist with talent shows and lip sync battles to showcase campers' skills.
  • Keep everyone safe while enjoying the great outdoors, including field trips and monitoring water activities.
  • Foster a positive and inclusive environment where campers can make new friends and feel supported.


  • Willingness to wear silly costumes and participate in themed days.
  • Comfortable with occasional silly string fights.
  • Ability to channel your inner child and have fun!
  • Prior experience working with children is a plus, but not required.


  • Competitive salary and the chance to make a positive impact on young campers' lives.
  • Free popsicles on hot days.
  • Endless opportunities for laughter and memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Access to a pool for those times when you need to cool off.
  • The satisfaction of knowing you helped make someone's summer unforgettable. 

Apply now and get ready for a summer of fun!

All Things Possible Counselor

Are you passionate about helping others reach their full potential? Do you excel at building relationships and creating a positive environment? If so, we have the perfect opportunity for you! We are currently seeking a dedicated and energetic All Things Possible Counselor to join our team in the City of Kalamazoo Parks and Recreation.

As an All Things Possible Counselor, you will have the unique opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of the teens you will be working with. Whether it's leading engaging activities, providing support and guidance, or fostering a sense of belonging, you will play a vital role in helping our incoming freshman achieve their goals and dreams.

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All Things Possible Lead

Are you a compassionate and motivated individual who believes that anything is possible? Look no further! We are currently seeking an All Things Possible Lead to join our team.

In this role, you will be able to make a positive impact with the teens you will be working with. You will serve as a leader and mentor, helping others realize their potential and achieve their goals. If you are passionate about making a difference in the world and enjoy working in a supportive and collaborative environment, we want to hear from you!

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Kalamazoo River Valley Trail


Park Ranger

Identify and perform park maintenance needs, ensure park policies and rules are followed, and park facilities are safe and secure.

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Parks & Recreation Field Assistant

Help clean and maintain city parks and fields including trash pick-up, landscaping, mowing, trimming, painting, sports field preparation, and other maintenance activities.

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Landscape Coordinator Assistant

Assist the Landscape Coordinator with maintaining plants and landscaped features in various City parks. 

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Park Coordinator Assistant/General Worker

Assist the Park Coordinator with event preparation, maintaining safe parks, minor facility repairs, and other maintenance activities.

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Kik Pool


View of Kik Pool.


Kik Pool Assistant Manager

Supervise the facility and pool staff when manager isn't present, monitor pool activities, provide leadership to lifeguards, and more. 

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Help with pool opening and closing, monitoring pool chemicals and weather, providing swim lessons, and responding to safety concerns at the Kik Pool.  

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