Host an Event at Arcadia Creek Festival Place

Arcadia Creek Festival Place (ACFP) is a large site located right in downtown Kalamazoo. It has a variety of amenities that make it a great place for a festival or concert, but it's flexible enough to host events of all kinds. 

There's a lot to consider when hosting event at this scale. Please make sure you read through the ACFP manual before submitting an application. It will set you and your event up for success. 

ACFP is programmed by the Kzoo Parks with logistical and evnet management support from the Kalamazoo Experiential Learning Center (KELC). If you have questions about your application or the approval process, please contact Kzoo Parks. If you are looking for guidance with day-of-event logisitics or planning consideration, KELC is a great resource. 

Host an Event at ACFP

Step 1.Get in touch!

Contact Kzoo Parks by phone or email before submitting and application. We will check availability for your event date, answer any initial questions you have, and help you prepare your application. We can also give you an idea of what the total costs may be based on the scope of your event. 

Step 2.Review the ACFP Event Manual 

Before you submit and application, you will want to read the ACFP Event Manual. It has valuable information about the site amenities, policies, and requiremnets for your event and application. If it's your first time hosting an event here, it's really important information to know. If you've held an event at ACFP before, its a valuable refresher. If you have any questions about anything contined within the manual, just let us know- we're happy to help!

View the ACFP Manual Online

Manual & Application (pdf)(PDF, 1016KB)

Step 3.Submit an Application

Once you have read the manual and confirmed your dates, please submit the application at the end of the ACFP Event Manual. We will want to know the type of event you're planning, what the entertainment will be, estimated attendance, safety & security details, marketing information, and other related information. We'll also ask for a map of the event layout and vendors for services like security, trash & recycling, fencing, etc. You'll need to include contact information and attach supporting documentation, so have that information ready before applying. 

You'll also need to pay the $100 application fee before your application will be processed. If you submit an application online, a member of our team will reach out to you to arrange payment.  

Apply Online

Manual & Application (pdf)(PDF, 1016KB)

Step 4.Application Review

Our team will review your application within two weeks. We'll let you know whether its been approved, approved with conditions, or denied. 

Step 5.Submit Final Documents

Our team will do a final check to make sure all of the necessary documents, approvals, and permits have been submitted.You may need to submit some additional documents that were not part of your intial application (like health department licenses, liquor licenses, proof of insurance, etc.). Make sure these are submitted at least 15 days before your event. 

Step 6.Have a Great Event! 

Our team is here to support you throughout the process, and the KELC has a ton of experience hosting events downtown. KELC will be your event day contact and help coordinate check-in and check-out, plus can provide guidance if questions come up.

Step 7.Apply for Next Year 

If you're planning to host your event again next year, you can apply right away and reserve your preferred dates.