Could your favorite park use some love?

Sign-up to adopt your favorite park and help with picking up litter or branches, tending to flower beds, and caring for the park.

You can enjoy the benefits of spending time outside while making your favorite park a more welcoming and beautiful place for your neighbors.

Who can adopt a park?

Anyone and everyone! Families, groups, organizations, and individuals are all welcome to adopt a park. Some of our larger parks like Spring Valley Park or Milham Park might be better suited for a large group while our smaller parks like Sherwood Park or Springmont Tot Lot would be perfect for a family or individual.

What would be involved in adopting a park?

Potential tasks include planting flowers and weeding, picking up branches and litter, as well as edging sidewalks.

What does Kzoo Parks provide?

We will provide volunteers with 10 free t-shirts and trash bags for clean-up work. If park adopters would like to plant flowers or other plants in the park, our Landscape Coordinator will help with picking out plants and we will provide a reimbursement of up to $100 for flowers and materials.

What are the benefits?

By adopting the park, you can enjoy the benefits of spending more time outside and feel good knowing that you contribute to making the park more welcoming for your community and neighbors to enjoy.

What parks are available for adoption?

See the list and map below for which parks have already been adopted and which ones are still available.

How can I sign up to adopt a park?

If you are interested in adopting a park please complete the form at the link at the bottom of this page or email us at Please be sure to mention which park you are interested in adopting. You can also call 311 (or (269) 337-8000) for assistance.

Parks List & Map

View the list and map below to see which parks have been adopted (in blue) or are still available for adoption (in orange).

Adopted Parks

  • Axtell Creek Park (530 Crosstown Parkway)
  • Crane Park (2001 S. Westnedge Avenue)
  • Davis Street Park (901 Davis Street)
  • Dutton Street Park (224 W. Dutton Street)
  • Emerald Drive Park (3200 Emerald Drive)
  • Fairmount Dog Park (1108 Prairie Avenue) – Pending
  • Frays Park (4400 Canterbury Ave)
  • Hays Park (2001 Miller Road)
  • Kalamazoo Farmers Market (1204 Bank St)
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park (507 N. Rose Street)
  • Milham Park (607 E. Kilgore Road)
  • Rose Park (645 E. Michigan Avenue) – Pending
  • Southside Park (2156 Race Street)
  • South Westnedge Park (1101 S. Westnedge Avenue)
  • Verburg Park (669 Gull Street)
  • Woods Lake Park (2900 Oakland Drive)

Adopted Green Spaces

  • Glen Park South (2700 Parkview Avenue) – Pending

Parks Available for Adoption

  • Blanche Hull Park (4225 S. Burdick Street)
  • Bronson Park (200 S Rose Street)
  • Farrell Park (809 N. Rose Street)
  • Florence Spray Park (534 Florence Street)
  • Henderson Park (1500 Grand Avenue)
  • Henderson Tot Lot (1601 Henderson Court)
  • Knollwood Park (1500 Greenwood Ave)
  • Krom & Prouty Park (1602 Krom Street)
  • LaCrone Park (535 W. Paterson Street)
  • Mayors’ Riverfront Park (251 Mills Street)
  • Princeton Park (1508 Princeton Avenue)
  • Reed Street Park (1700 Portage Street)
  • Rockwell Park (1106 Trimble Avenue)
  • Sherwood Park (300 Wallace Avenue)
  • Spring Valley Park (2600 Mt. Olivet Road)
  • Springmont Tot Lot (2416 Springmont Avenue)
  • Upjohn Park (1000 Walter Street)
  • Versluis/Dickinson Park (1924 Douglas Avenue)
  • West Main Park (800 W. Main Street)

Green Spaces Available for Adoption

  • Academy Green (1520 Academy Street)
  • Angling Park (2501 Angling Road)
  • Canyon Park (2915 Wellington Road)
  • College Park (840 W. Michigan Avenue)
  • Crosstown Ponds (300 W Crosstown Parkway)
  • East Gateway Park (309 E. Water Street)
  • Glen Park North (2731 Wellington Road)
  • Harrison Park (620 Harrison Street)
  • Henderson Green (1300 Grand Avenue)
  • Hillside Park (2920 Brooklyn Blvd)
  • Jones Park (1601 Academy Street)
  • Kalamazoo Farmers Market (1204 Bank St)
  • Lake/Kensington Park (2435 Kensington Drive)
  • Lovell Street Park (1101 W. Lovell Street)
  • Nelbert Park (3002 Nellbert St)
  • South Gateway Park (Crosstown Parkway / Burdick Street)
  • West Douglas Park (1720 W. North Street)
  • West Gateway Park (Stadium Drive / Lovell Street)

Sign Up to Adopt-a-Park

If you are interested in adopting a park please complete the form at the link below or email us at Please be sure to mention which park you are interested in adopting. You can also call 311 (or (269) 337-8000) for assistance.

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