Middle School Bowling League

Middle school students bowl at airway lanes


Middle School Bowling League is a great way for students to be a part of a school team and have a great time bowling with friends! No experience is required. During each session, participants will have 20-30 minutes of practice time before bowling their games (two games each week). Scores and standings are kept each week to determine Team Champions and for the end of year tournament.

City staff will be with the bowlers while at Airway Lanes. School staff will also be assisting the bowlers as well as monitoring groups when possible. The program cost covers the games, lessons, shoes, trophies, and awards. Students are welcome to bring their own bowling shoes and bowling ball as well. Bowling etiquette and good sportsmanship is expected while on the alley.



  • Mondays – St. Augustine, St. Monica, Portage Central, North, West
  • Tuesdays –  Linden Grove, Paramount Charter Academy
  • Wednesdays – Hillside, Kalamazoo Christian
  • Thursdays –  Milwood, Maple Street 
  • Fridays – Gagie


Space is limited to 14 students for each school for KPS and private schools and limited to 15 students total between all three Portage Middle Schools (5 students per school).

  • Register Online (Until October 28) - Register online. If online registration is full, you will have to take your registration form and payment to your school’s office to be put on the waitlist. For Portage schools if online registration is full please call 337-8148 to see if there is room on one of the other Portage teams. 

  • Register at Your School’s Office (October 31 – November 2) – Return your registration form and payment to your school’s office. Make all checks payable to City of Kalamazoo.


Transportation will be provided from school to Airway Lanes for Kalamazoo Public Schools (KPS) and private school students. Parents/guardians will need to pick up students from Airway Lanes at 5p.m.  For Portage school students, transportation will be needed to and from Airway Lanes.