Fairmount Dog Park

Fairmount Dog Park

This beautiful, 12-acre dog park features a fenced area for dogs off-leash, a watering hole, and a separate small dog area. Benches, picnic tables and a small pavilion are available for humans.  A “stoop and scoop” protocol is in effect. No registration, key fob, or membership fees are required to enjoy Fairmount Dog Park.

In 2004, a collaborative group called “Friends of Kalamazoo Dog Parks” was founded to plan and build a dog-friendly, off-leash area for dogs and their owners. This goal was achieved through a collaboration of Fairmount Neighborhood, The City of Kalamazoo, MRC Industries, The Kalamazoo Humane Society, and volunteers.

During the Winter Months the parking lot is closed.  Visitors are welcome to park on the street and access the park via the sidewalk.

All dogs must have a valid Kalamazoo County dog license. Please read the Fairmount Dog Park Rules to make sure you are aware of all rules and etiquette for the park.


1108 Prairie Avenue, Kalamazoo 49006  View Map

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