Arcadia Creek Festival Site playground to be removed

Published on March 09, 2023

The City of Kalamazoo plans to remove the playground at the downtown Arcadia Creek Festival Site.

Contractors are beginning work to remove the 20-year-old playground and playground surfacing at a cost of approximately $12,000.  The physical space will be restored to crushed concrete and become a usable space for events and event planners.  The City of Kalamazoo will explore ideas and plans for future use of the space, including a possible addition of a new playground.

“The playground is 20 years old and the necessary parts to repair to safety standards are no longer available from the playground manufacturer,” said Ashton Anthony, deputy director of parks and recreation for the City of Kalamazoo.  “The slide was removed last summer due to it being broken and literally separating from the tower structure.  There is general overall wearing on the entire structure and the surface has several areas in need of patching and is currently a safety hazard.”

The removal work is scheduled to be completed by mid-April this year.

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