Letter to Parents Regarding COVID-19

To our parents,

We have always prioritized the safety of our campers, and in these uncertain times, this is no different. That’s why we have been practicing the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control, as well as requirements from the State of Michigan for social distancing and self-isolation in the midst of COVID-19.

As you may know, the state has announced that summer camps are allowed to re-open. We have been carefully monitoring the situation (just like you) and can say that the experience after we’ve reopened will most certainly be different from the one you experienced before the start of this public health crisis. Our priority is to make sure the opening happens in a safe environment.

We’re all in this together, learning together, and adapting together.

How we are reopening

We will also be following the CDC’s recommended guidelines to keep our employees and campers safe. We are making the following adaptations related to your experience:

  1. When registering for camp, we will conduct a screening. You’ll be asked:
    • Has anyone in your household traveled to COVID-19 impacted areas, outside the state, or outside the country in the past month?
    • Are you experiencing any shortness of breath, fever, or cough?
    • Have you been exposed to anyone that is known to have had COVID-19?
  2. Please stay in your vehicle when dropping off your child.
  3. Please provide your child with a face covering/mask for when camp activities do not allow for social distancing. If you do not have one, one can be provided by the Parks and Recreation Department.
  4. If social distancing requirements cannot be met, face coverings/masks will be required. As of now, we do anticipate being able to meet social distance requirements for all planned activities.
  5. Before entering any facilities every morning, a staff member will take your child’s temperature with an infrared thermometer.
    • If 100.4 or over, you will be requested to keep your child home and recommended to see your family physician.
    • We request that you perform a screen of your child at home before arriving at camp as well. Children witha fever or other COVID-19 symptoms should stay home.

We encourage you and your child to wash/sanitize your hands before coming to camp, and — most importantly — stay at home if you are feeling sick.

Our team’s safety

Our staff will wear masks/face coverings during camp hours while with campers. All facilities, equipment, and surfaces will be disinfected throughout the day, as well as at the end of the day after all campers have left.

If your child has any conditions which may put them at higher risk for complications if exposed to COVID-19. Parents of immunocompromised children and children with chronic health conditions should see their primary care provider regarding decisions about camp attendance. It is also recommended that children be up to date with current vaccination schedules to protect them from vaccine-preventable infectious disease outbreaks, including influenza. If vaccines have been delayed as a result of the stay-at-home order, you should have a plan with your child’s medical provider for catch-up vaccinations in a timely manner.

If you have specific questions not addressed here, please reach out to us. We’re still available to answer your questions and respond to any concerns, though do keep in mind that response time might be a little longer than what you’re used to.

We will continue to carefully monitor the situation. We’re working diligently to adapt to new circumstances while planning for the future. The most important thing is to make sure we conduct business in a way that reduces risks to you, your child, and our team. The health and wellbeing of your child are the heart of our concerns. We’re grateful to you, your ongoing patience and understanding, and that you’re doing your part to flatten the curve.


We look forward to seeing you this summer,

City of Kalamazoo Department of Parks and Recreation Staff

Phone: (269) 337-8191
Fax: (269) 552-6457
251 Mills Street
Kalamazoo, MI 49048