Mini Moxie Volleyball

Mini Moxie volleyball practice for Thursday, October 19 has been cancelled. The season will be extended through Thursday, November 2 to make up the practice. This also means the next session will be shifted by a week, and will now start on Thursday, November 9. 

Youth participate in the Mini Moxie Volleyball program

Mini Moxie Volleyball is the perfect introduction to the exciting world of volleyball!

This fun and instructional volleyball program introduces participants to the exciting world of volleyball. Students will practice the four basic volleyball skills: passing, setting, hitting, and serving. Playing with lighter balls, lower nets, and modified rules; this class is perfect for beginners! As players progress, some competitive games and scrimmaging may be implemented at instructor’s discretion.

Information about concussions

We plan all of our programs to be as safe as possible and fun for everyone, but many activities have some unavoidable risk. We want to make sure parents and student athletes understand signs and symptoms of concussions before they participate.