Middle School Rocket League Esports League

WMU Esports League

Calling all middle school gaming enthusiasts! We are partnering with Western Michigan University (WMU) to offer a 2 v 2 Rocket League Esports League this spring at WMU’s Esports Arena! Students will compete weekly in this 5 week league with a tournament on Saturday, April 15. 

The league will consist of 16 teams total (8 teams per time slot). Each team will play three other teams during each session. Each match will have three 5 minute games. Schedules will be handed out on the first night of the league. You will also need a Rocket League account. If you don't have one please create one before the first night. 

Registration Info

  • Registration is done in teams of 2, so get a friend and put a team together and compete against other Rocket Leaguers!
  • Team members do not have to be from the same school.
  • Before registering, decide on a time slot and team name with your teammate.
  • When registering, have both you and your teammate register for the same time slot and enter the same team name.